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The LOWCHEN GUARDIAN is dedicated to melding the worlds of pet owners and Lowchen breed experts. Photo albums and The Mane Journal, our free online magazine, endeavour to present opportunities for proud pet families to participate, as photos and stories of lives shared with Lowchen are welcomed.

The Mane Media section will continue to solicit photos, articles and videos. Slowly, The Lion’s Den is developing into our html format book section. Next, The Library will feature a “Flash” presentation of these “books.”

Lowchen breed experts are encouraged to submit materials which will be placed in “books.” This online “Lowchen Library” endeavours to become a rich resource, illustrating the finer points and challenges inherent in producing healthy, happy, breed specific Lowchen!

It takes a village to raise a child and a Lowchen world community to assist in maximizing the value of this website. Thank you for your kind letters and contributions. They are ever so appreciated. ~The Pringle Pride