Nala, The Lion Queen of Lowchenstein

The Guardian Project

“It all started with just one Lowchen.....” For most Lowchen owners, the tale continues with colourful anecdotes of never being able to stop at just one. At present, one Lowchen, Nala, The Lion Queen of Lowchenstein, seems sufficient for our family...but tomorrow is another day! This small tomboy beauty with the dancing feet and devilish grin finds time to cuddle, as well as toss in a manageable light to moderate fitness routine; the Queen’s “subjects” are most pleased with her accommodating nature.

Who are we? We’re simply Nala’s chosen family, forever indebted to those who have played a role in preserving and protecting Lowchen, her charismatic companion breed. Of course, not all Lowchen are well treated; some come upon hard times as circumstances change for their owners. Sadly, owners may not have been up to the challenges of caring for an additional family member. Others may have failed to research the breed sufficiently. What safety nets can be put in place for the unexpected curve balls life tosses? What’s the anticipated role of respected breeders when things don’t work out for their Lowchen placements? Why are pet shop pup purchases abhorrent to ethical breeders? The Lowchen Guardian addresses such concerns. It’s our “pet project!” Balance is crucial, so there are ample opportunities to see Lowchen celebrating life, bringing smiles to those who view their antics. Here’s the spot for sharing fun and facts, while attempting to build a stronger sense of a worldwide Lowchen community.

Rest assured that no breeder featured will be endorsed and no funds will be directed this way. Queen Nala is simply dipping into her Royal Purse and invites one and all to join in celebrating and studying Lowchen, a companion of European nobility, in days past.