Canadian Archives

Pop the Champagne, pull out the tea pot or head to Starbuck’s with your laptop! You’re cordially invited to join in toasting the 15th anniversary (1995-2010) of Lowchen receiving Canadian Kennel Club recognition! Sure, it’s a bit late for unfurling flags while listening to the trumpet’s loud roar, but we simply couldn’t bear to watch this event slip by without our international community joining in a Canadian Lowchen celebration! Donna Cullen (Donalen) has shared her precious folders and photos with The Lowchen Guardian. For the full decade and a half, this noted archivist has tirelessly tallied and documented Lowchen breed statistics and accomplishments, in Canada.

Adding more than just icing to this anniversary event, Cath Horne (Lowenhart) and Jari Partanen (Wanted) promptly granted our request to have links to their website, is the undisputed leading resource for breed enthusiasts. What a privilege to have the pedigrees of all 46 “Top Lowchen in Canada” winners linked to this formidable site! 

It only seems fitting that not just Lowchen accomplishments be presented in this section; of course, breeders played a key role. In chatting with Janie Brown, Canadian Lowchen pioneer Gwen’s daughter, it was apparent that time is of the essence in documenting the importance of Lowchen breed pioneers throughout the world. Upon her mother’s passing, due diligence with regard to preserving Lowchen papers and photos sometimes became overlooked. Fortunately, Janie shares with us personal pride in her mother’s pivotal role; photos and anecdotes were available, so the story lives on!

Ardis Shurtleff’s part in establishing CKC Lowchen breed recognition was also drifting into the mists of time. What a thrill to hear her story and learn the reason she left our breed. And the archives continue to beckon, so watch for updates!