Canadian Lowchen Pioneer: Gwen Appell

    Gwen Appell

Concerned that early Canadian Lowchen history might become lost and inadvertently distorted, it was a thrill to track down and interview Janie Brown, daughter of Gwen Appell. Together, we lamented the loss of some archival materials, following the death of Gwen in April, 1994. Yet, a small treasure trove remains available!

Janie recounts her mother's love of this "people loving" breed, adding "the temperament is so darling!" It was this engaging personality, plus Gwen's love of the breed's slightly exotic appearance, that led to her campaign, that of convincing husband Henry a Lowchen should be added to their household. Mr. Appell wasn't convinced his family needed another dog.

However, Gwen had a plan to win him over. Aware that her husband was ever so proud of his German heritage, Gwen cleverly decided to work that fact to her favour. Their daughter Janie provides the details: "From the moment Dad saw the first Lowchen playing and learned it was German, his heart melted!"

Hence their first Lowchen, a twelve week old female from Freda McGregor, of Brighton, England, arrived in 1977. Littlecourt Victoria, "Gretchen," was followed by a surprise 1978 Christmas gift for Gwen, a male, Huntglen Gunter, bred by Mrs. M. U. Harper of England. He was followed by another male bred by Mrs. McGregor, Firefly of Littlecourt. Now, the breed was established in Canada. The first litter was scooped up by the family, including Janie and her sister, Dianne; both had to have one of Gretchen’s puppies. Of course, all pups were given German names!

Sunnyslope Lowchen with Gwen’s  granddaughter/Janie’s daughter, Tami.

As you'll read in the next article, Gwen was a talented dog groomer and taught others at her certified canine grooming trade school. Even today, Sunnyslope Dog Grooming remains in the family with daughter Janie at the helm. No doubt, Lowchen are always welcome!

Thanks are given to Janie Brown for sharing her story and family photos.

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