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Perhaps you’ve written a breed specific article on Lowchen that begs to be shared or reprinted? As long as you have retained the copyright, which is generally the case for articles on our breed, we’d be honoured to consider your proposal. Our small team of anonymous breed experts may assist in making selections, but we must insist that you are responsible for the accuracy and ownership of submissions. If you’d prefer maintaining the original language of the piece, please do! This site aims to be inclusive! Bullet points, in English, outlining the most pertinent points will precede such submissions.

Consider encouraging your pet families to join in this celebration of Lowchen; photos of their Lowchen, 250-1MB, ideally in jpeg, will be warmly received; of course, they must have taken the photo or otherwise own the copyright to it. Please contact us with your proposals:

All individuals making submissions to The Lowchen Guardian are fully responsible for the accuracy and ownership of any materials featured. Thoughts expressed are not necessarily those of this publication.

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