Maxillian de Coninck Marquise ll, Snow King Triton and Tresor by van Damme 1905 Print

European History

Here, a very brief overview of Lowchen in Renaissance art is presented, along with an equally concise synopsis of the history leading to Lowchen entering Canada. However! The jewel in Queen Nala’s crown has to be the Lowchen Library section. For those wanting more detailed information, you will be directed, there. Opening and slowly adding chapters to “books” in the “Lowchen Library” is the much anticipated next stage in the ongoing development of this web site!
Breed specialists are encouraged to share their articles and photos detailing the early days of introducing and developing the breed in their respective countries. Eileen Spavin Harrison (Sholeen), Pia Kirke (Tilcha), Janet Perret-Green, now known as Janet Goodbody-King (Duncara), George Hookway (Beaulion) and Kirsi Hynynen (Wimwam’s) are just a handful of those promising to support The Lowchen Guardian in its efforts.
Of course, we’re deeply indebted to Gini Denninger of Ashford Lowchen for generously granting permission to include articles she has written, as well as excerpts from her much coveted, out of print, self-published book, "The Lowchen, The Breed Forgotten by History." Gini is one of the Lowchen world’s leading experts and maintains a legendary archive pertaining to the little lion dog; her Ashford collection is simply breathtaking in its scope.
At present, Felizitas Dickeler of vom Burgwald Lowchen is reviewing her body of work and has made an excellent suggestion! As her articles were written in German and this site is international in scope, “Why not print them in German?” Good point, Felizitas! Hence, the Lowchen Library will offer opportunities for visitors to enjoy research materials in various languages. Bullet points, in English, will precede each such article, so that more of us can grasp major points made in these “books.”

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