Ans van der Burg (van Omhoecken) and Ellie de Goeij have generously provided photos that they took during the October, 2011 walk. These now seamlessly join The Netherlands Walk album!

Martin Koetsier (Netherlands Löwchen Club spokesperson) and Karen Wagenaar (Kidéro's) have graciously shared photos they took of these walks. Thanks are extended to Jetty van Steyn (Bristol Bay’s) who joined Martin and Karen in providing background details of this event. For additional information and photos, please visit and then select “wandelingen.” History of the walk continues below the gallery...

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• First walk took place in 1999 and was arranged by Ans van der Burg (van Omhoecken) and Susanne Brouwer (Gentle Jewel). They simply wished to see more Löwchen!
• Martin Koetsier adds that in 1999 there were only 100-125 Löwchen in the Netherlands.
• There is considerable interest in this adventure as it provides an opportunity to keep in touch with fellow breeders and pet families.
• Additionally, it offers an opportunity for those interested in the breed to see little lions close up, doing what Löwchen do best, amusing themselves and their families.
• The first walk attracted 24 Löwchen. Most pets arrived sporting pet clips, not the lion show coat. Soon, all looked similar as they leaped into and splashed around in a nearby duckweed filled pond!
• Occasionally, numbers have dipped to a low of 18 Löwchen, but one year 75 were anticipated. Unfortunately, unpleasant weather resulted in the highest number being 46.
• The itinerary selected must feature a safe area for the Löwchen to roam and a restaurant willing to host them!
• Everyone interested is welcome to join this walk; Löwchen families frequently include their dogs of other breeds.
• Breeders send emails to all pup owners, as well as to those on waiting lists for the next litter.
• International guests have included Jean Richland (Majestic Court, U.S.A.) as well as Sonja and Anders Bjorklund (Bumir, Sweden.) Note to self: plan next vacation around the Netherlands Löwchen walk!
• The walk starts with casual chat and coffee, then lunch... and often dinner, for the diehards!
• Every now and then, participants must step aside as owners call out to their Löwchen; this results in the wee lion charging through the group at reckless speed to check in with its family!